“Watch for signs”
-Paulo Cuelho-

With time we have learned that people – influenced by be it advertising, publicity and consumption that is constantly being pushed upon us – more and more close in on a state of alienation.

“Art is the ultimate freedom.”
-Antoni Tapies-

Born in Bochum-Linden and raised in Sprockhoevel in the state of Northrine-Westfalia in Germany. Seconday school diploma, followed by training to become a professional electrician. Further study of technology and active in technolog-sales.
Willy divides his time between living in Potsdam, Germany and Mallorca, Spain. Being an autodidact, his love for all-encompassing art & culture is omnipresent.
His mindful thinking is influenced by artists such as Antoni Tapies, Cy Twombly, Emil Schumacher, Cesar Manrique, Russel Mills or Chillida.

On the island of Mallorca, Willy Seinsche also works in co-operation with the serbian artist Velcha Velchev, and german artist Axel Kentsch.

There is never an prefixed plan to his works, no such system. He is inspired by those drawings reflected by his eyes and his imagination.

His works are shaped by pieces found, experiences, discoveries and self-developments – bound togehter as one with new structures, materials and a senseful apporach. He sees and feels his art as an enlightenment fully sensed by the depth reflected in his works.

“All human knowledge reduces itself to the art of the wise choosing.”
-Balthasar Gracian y Morales-

It is for that approach that Willy’s works reach folks from all walks of life. Soft yet at times powerful reactions are the resemblance of his art within the human spirit. His works generate a calmness, silence and provide for a state of contemplation.

“Mystery, but not secrecy.”
-Josef Beuys-

Quite often the materials used is driftwood from the sea, and which influences by the takings of sun, wind and the waves. Its journey has given it a specifi, natural and individual yes power, which find their essence in the art offered.

“The open seas free up the mind.”
-Johann W. v. Goethe-

In a conversation with Hokusai 1896 (W.C.Martin)

As an 5-year old, I already had a passionate tendency towards drawing objects in its form and shape. By the time I was 50 I had published a good number of images, but none of all those works I did before I turned around 70 was – in my eyes – worth a mention.
Now, being 73 years of age, I have come to learn how to best capture the true being of nature, the animla, plants, birds, fish and even insects. So if I come to turn 80, I will have made further progress. With 90 then I shall enter into the secrets of things. And by the time I turn 100 years old I hope to have reached an artistic level of excellence. Ten years later all that I do, and be it a mere line or dash, will be full of life. These lines were written by me, once Hokusai, today Willy Seinsche @Will-Y-Art, the man who is possessed to paint and create.